Allvetco HC100 Warming Blanket

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Very nice warming blanket

5.0 rating
August 27, 2019

I ordered veterinary warming blanket online. Allvetco is a great brand to shop in. It is great, fast Warming Up, no waiting, durable & reusable, waterproof, no problem with bites or scratch. We use over, under or around the Pets. It is very lightweight and I like the overheat safety option. Will definitely recommend the HC100 warming blanket. Will sure try other products from Allvetco.


Happy to shop with allvetco

5.0 rating
August 23, 2019

We recently bought an allvetco HC100 warming blanket. This veterinary warming blanket is ideal for animals recovering from surgery. It’s small for easy use, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. Will sure recommend veterinary warming blanket to everyone. Very happy to shop with allvetco.


Veterinary Warming blanket

“Hot-Pets” computer controlled Warming Blanket - Conductive Carbon Fabric Material

Effective thermal heating; Even Heat distribution; Low costs; Low Voltage; Water proof; Easy clean.
Our Veterinary warming blanket requires absolutely no blowing air on surgical site; Easily fits through cage slats; Quiet operation; Fast warm-up time
Small and light for ease of use; Maintenance-free controller; Environmentally friendly; Won’t incubate bacteria
Energy efficient only 96W


Fast Warming Up; No Waiting; Durable & reusable; Water Proof; Cuts, Bites, Scratch -- No Problem
Use over, under or around the Pets.
Size: 23"x46"


Quiet Operation, Lightweight, Timer Control, Overheat Protecting and Safety
110V-240V AC Input, 24V DC Low Voltage Output, 96W
Temperature: 32 F — 125 F +- 2F
Timer: 0 — 120 Min

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