Allvetco HC100 Warming Blanket

All Vet Co Blanket

Veterinary Warming blanket

“Hot-Pets” computer controlled Warming Blanket - Conductive Carbon Fabric Material

Effective thermal heating; Even Heat distribution; Low costs; Low Voltage; Water proof; Easy clean.
Our Veterinary warming blanket requires absolutely no blowing air on surgical site; Easily fits through cage slats; Quiet operation; Fast warm-up time
Small and light for ease of use; Maintenance-free controller; Environmentally friendly; Won’t incubate bacteria
Energy efficient only 96W


Fast Warming Up; No Waiting; Durable & reusable; Water Proof; Cuts, Bites, Scratch -- No Problem
Use over, under or around the Pets.
Size: 23"x46"


Quiet Operation, Lightweight, Timer Control, Overheat Protecting and Safety
110V-240V AC Input, 24V DC Low Voltage Output, 96W
Temperature: 32 F — 125 F +- 2F
Timer: 0 — 120 Min

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