Allvetco HR1200 Veterinary Monitor

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August 16, 2019

We purchased Veterinary Monitor online with the recommended brand allveto. The HR1200 multi-parameter veterinary monitor is more lightweight and portable. It is perfect in any clinical environment. The packaging was very good, the delivery was very quick and easy. The price was reasonable too. The readings were accurate. Will Surely recommend it to everyone.


Los Angeles / CA

5.0 rating
August 15, 2019

We ordered HR1200 veterinary monitor. It is very accurate and we got it for a very reasonable price. It is very light weight and portable too. Very good packing and delivery was easy and quick.


Veterinary Monitor

All Vetco HR1200 veterinary monitor has Color 12” TFT LCD 800X600 display, Color Group reading, Six ECG leads, up to 6 simultaneous waveforms, Wave speed select-able, 24 hour trend data; 500 groups NIBP data savable built-in USB printer Port to link Laser Printer to print out A4 size reports. Cables, Probes, are all included

HR1200 is a portable patient monitor ideal for use across a variety of clinical settings due to its compact size and simple design. Intended to meet basic continuous monitoring needs, it focuses on providing core capabilities in an uncomplicated manner. Its 12” high resolution color display offers a surprisingly vibrant view of your patient's physiological data, all the vital signs in different color for easy recognition. HR1200 delivers the flexibility you need in order to properly respond to your patients’ changing needs. This very effective, yet surprisingly affordable monitoring solution is ideal for pre-operative areas, medical/surgical departments, general floors and beyond.

Axson Engineering is one of the manufacturers of Patient monitoring equipment. Allvetco has become one of the leading brands in patient monitoring. The HR1200 patient monitors are durable, accurate, and reasonable priced. Axson Engineering highly recommends the Allvetco brand. Be sure to let us know what parameters you are looking for on your Vital Signs Monitor. Parameters to consider would include: Pulse oximetry (spo2), Temperature, Blood pressure (NIBP), Electrocardiography (EKG/ECG), Respiration, Heart Rate, and more. Axson Engineering is happy to discuss your patient monitor needs to find you the best vital signs monitor for you! This HR1200 Multi-Parameter Monitor – versatile, portable, lightweight. It is specially designed to be use in veterinary environment. It is for Dog, Cat and Pets Only. This machine is perfect for all Clinic and Animal Hospital – Big or Small.

Lead: 4 electrode system: I, II, II, aVR, aVL, aVF
Gain: automatic, calibration optional
Wave Speed: 12.5, 25, 50, 100 mm/s HR
Range : 30-400 bpm
Resolution: 1 bpm
Accuracy : +- 1% or +- 2bpm SpO2
Range : 0-100 bpm
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy : +-1% (80%-100%), +-2% (70%-80%) NIBF
Mode : Non-invasive oscillometric method
Measuring Mode : Automatic, optional manual repeat
Auto Measuring Interval : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,10,15, 30, 60, 90 minutes

Unit : mmHg/KPa optional
Measuring Range : 30-280 mmHg
Measuring Range : 4-120 bpm
Maximum Allowable Impedance : 2K ohms
Amplitude Regulation : Automatic
Measuring Range : 29-45 C (84-113 F)
Accuracy : +- 0.2 C

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