Dr. Bojarb at Las Vegas, NV

HR1200 monitor is the best one. It is amazing when I use it to take Blood Pressure on the kitty --

It is work! Wa, Wa,...
For that price, you should have one for your practice.


Axson Engineering has great service. I have own Hr1200 for 5 years. It works great. I ordered the replacement parts, They shipped right the way. When my unit was sent to do maintenance, I even got loaner from them. I recommended any clinic should buy one.


We had broken SpO2 Clip we called the service department. They shipped the Clip overnight. It is right on our surgical schedules. Thanks Jimmy.

Wendy Brooks, Mar Vista Animal Medical Center

We purchase the heating blanket from Axson and have been especially pleased with its performance . It is wettable and thus perfect for use on our wet table during dental procedures or when bathing animals under sedation. In surgery, the blanket can sit inside a positioner so as to cradle an animal in a heated "bed". It also is useful as a regular cage bedding warmer. We like being able to set the temperature of the blanket plus it is constructed in such a way that it can be chewed or punctured with teeth without danger or loss of function. We also appreciate its reasonable price given that many pieces of warming equipment are feasible for our relatively small practice. All in all, we highly recommend the Axson heating blanket, especially to smaller practices in need of a versatile warmer such as this.

Alan Nagakura, The Pet Hospital-Hawaii

When we purchased our Vital Signs Monitor from Axson Engineering, it was one of the best decisions we could have made.
It is attractive and multi-functional being able to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature and ECGs. It is a terrific product and investment. Moreover, the communication and support that we have received from manager, Jimmy Fu, has been excellent.

We would not hesitate in dealing with Axson Engineering for our future needs.