HR1200 Multi-Funcation Monitor

Image of vetrinary monitor from Allvetco, Allvetco, Veterinary Monitor.


12” TFT LCD 800X600 display

Six ECG leads, up to 6 simultaneous waveforms

24 hour trend data; 500 groups NIBP data savable

Selectable USB port to link Laser printer and rechargeable battery

Cables, Probes, all included

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HC100 Computer-Controlled Warm Blanket

Image of a temperature controlled medical warming blanket, Allvetco , Veterinary Equipment

Conductive Carbon Fabric Material

*  Effective thermo heating; Even Heat distribution; Low costs; Low  Voltage; Water  Proof; Easy clean

*  No Blowing air on surgical site; Easily fits through cage slats; Quiet operation; Fast warm-up time

*  Small and light for ease of use; Maintenance-free controller;  Environmentally friendly; Won’t incubate bacteria

*  Energy efficient only 96W

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