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Veterinary Equipment

Allvetco is a leading brand which is designed in the USA. We are the distributor of veterinary equipment specializing in Vet Veterinary Micro-Computer Controlled Warming Blanket and the Vet Veterinary Monitor, The Vet Veterinary Surgical Monitoring equipment. We are Located in Southern California, USA. We provide excellent local services at a great price. The affordable digital Vet Veterinary Monitor and Vet Veterinary Microcomputer-controller warmer blanket are proved the best for animal hospitals and vet clinics - big or small.

Veterinary Equipment And Services

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HR 1200 Veterinary Vital Sign Monitor

Specially for small animals
Simple Push-Button Operation
Easy Use, Amazing Results
USB Port link to Laser Printer

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HC100 "HOT-PETS" Warming Blanket

Even Heat Distribution
Low Cost Low Power
Water Proof
Conductive Carbon Fabric
Cuts,Bite and Scratch Resistant

Image of a revolutionary Allvetco FX 150 warming blanket, Allvetco , Veterinary Equipment
Allvetco FX 150 New Computer Controlled Warming Blanket

Effective Thermo Heating
Quiet Operation
Auto Overheat Protection
Easy Use, Fast Warm up
Environment Friendly


HR1200 monitor is the best one. It is amazing when I use it to take Blood Pressure on the kitty --
It is work! Wa, Wa,...

For that price, you should have one for your practice.


Axson Engineering has great service. I have own Hr1200 for 5 years. It works great. I ordered the replacement parts, They shipped right the way. When my unit was sent to do maintenance, I even got loaner from them. I recommended any clinic should buy one.


We had broken SpO2 Clip we called the service department. They shipped the Clip overnight. It is right on our surgical schedules.

Thanks Jimmy.